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Parent Plan Autumn 2018-19 Express Yourself

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e-Safety 2018

Visiting Time & Tide Museum, And A Roman Fort

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Film Club

Gravity 2018

Excited, I ran out of the car and into the school perimeters to see all of my friends arriving at speed, like me, this caused me to smile. (ED) Happily, I came to school, knowing I was going to Gravity. (KB)

Listening to the excitement of my friends, we were bursting to arrive at Gravity. (LB) In the beginning, I felt more anxious to travel to Gravity, as I hear the loud ‘bangs’ of the Morning Maths Games. (CC)

Above my head, I could see part of the roof hanging down with a rivet hanging out the roof panel. (ED) I could see the trees passing like a train as we were getting closer to the trampoline park. (LT) Whilst moving, we are full of happiness for our exciting day. (LB)

During our arrival, we were looking for a car park, we stopped in one, but retraced tracks back to the train station. (ED) Then we arrived in Norwich, sooner than we expected. (CC)

On our way up the stairs in Gravity’s building, everyone was flabbergasted and tired since walking upwards we were full of adrenaline. (LB). Sending us up the steep walkway, I felt like I was in Italy, adrenaline was pumping like raging heat. (MJ). Up to the top of the stairs, we were flying up there like an angry dragon. (LW) Walking like a pack of wolves, I was feeling amazed (JS).Why were there ‘so’ many stairs? (CC)

Putting on our ‘Gravity socks’ and vest, we were a step closer to bouncing on a black, orange, bouncy canvas. (SJ)

Watching the safety video, it didn’t look like the ‘stick man’ was being responsible because he repeatedly broke ‘bones!’ (LB).

Glorified, we finally started hopping around the trampoline park feeling hyperactive. (CC). On the trampolines, the lights went off, and the music blasted out from the speakers! It was an amazing experience. (AH)

Onto the table we went to eat our food, I ate macaroni and cheese pasta. (KB) Since we had food from Bella Italia, which some of us haven’t tried before, it was delicious! (LB)

On the way back, I want to jump out from the minibus, and sleep at Gravity! (LW) Before we departed Hollywood Bowl, some of us bought Gravity merchandise to remember this incredible adventure. (CC)

Back at school, we enjoy a break outside, then created this summary! (LB)

Multi-clause Sentences

Peacock Class were set a challenge, can they use these commonly misspelled words in one, multi-clause sentence without any errors? Two members of Peacock Class were successful. Can you guess who there are?

They are striving to achieve their personal best again, because they know it will lead to success here, and last time they received a medal.

I am here again because I am striving to achieve my personal best, I know their success was received previously and I’m here for the same reason.

Thank you to all who attended our Building Structures Café!

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A Visit From The RSPB