Neatishead CofE Primary School

Vision & Values

We aim for our schools to be happy and safe communities where everyone shares and enjoys a love of learning.

Our Christian core values of respect, responsibility, courage, compassion, trust and perseverance support us in all we say and do.

We share a vision which seeks to build a school community which:

  • Is child and family centred fostering positive relationships and building positive memories
  • Develops children as independent, enthusiastic, resilient and confident lifelong learners
  • Will be uncompromising about raising standards
  • Has an assessment system in place that is accurate, powerful and enabling for both children and teachers.
  • Invests in staff and the ‘team’ to ensure it is highly skilled, reflective, motivated and equipped to lead and deliver a consistent high quality provision.
  • Secures all teaching to be consistently good or better.
  • Protects and promotes the school’s Christian distinctiveness
  • Provides a joined up learning experience for children through an aspiring curriculum which takes account of children’s interests
  • Builds parent and community partnerships to have an impact on home learning and learning behaviours.
  • Supports the emotional , physical and cognitive development of every child in a nurturing environment
  • Strives for social equality, good outcomes for all with diminishing differences in those outcomes
  • Celebrates progress and achievement
  • Is solutions focussed
  • Simply cares