Neatishead CofE Primary School

Red Skippers

The Gruffalo

Sharing the story, acting as the characters and writing instructions = Gruffalo cake!

Our turkey came visiting today!

He is only four months old and is enormous! We enjoyed stroking him and giving him some grain.

We Love Music!

We used tapping sticks to make rhythms and we movedĀ  to music with scarves!

Red Skippers plan for September to December 2019

thumbnail of Parents plan for website

What a brilliant start!

Our new pupils have started with a smile and are enjoying their learning. So far we have shared lots of stories, built castles, baked bread and biscuits, made porridge, climbed trees and counted in 1’s and 2’s!

Amazing me!

We have been finding out about ourselves: naming body parts, data handling following surveys about ourselves, asking questions such as Is the oldest person the tallest? and exploring how we can best look after our bodies through healthy eating and exercise.

Red Skippers Parent Plan September 2019

Making and describing the properties of 3D shapes using spaghetti and saltdough!

We have been looking very closely at the patterns, textures and colours of leaves

Following our observations we pulled, pushed and squeezed clay to make these beautiful clay leaf pots.

After 29 days of watching and waiting, our poults finally arrived!

We have two very happy turkey chicks running and flapping around in their run.