Neatishead CofE Primary School

Red Skippers

Cave Drawings Pop Art

Red Skippers Timetable Autumn 2 2018

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We are learning about The Stone Age

It was very exciting to find out how to shoot a bow and arrow just as people would have done two million years ago!

Great teamwork = brilliant blackberry creations!

What a wonderful day for exploring and picking blackberries!

Parent Plan September 2018

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Come and Sing Company

We had two wonderful days with the Come and Sing Company, ending with a fabulous performance of songs and drama on our school field. We were all dressed as bugs! Our favourite songs were “I’d like to be a busy busy bee” and “The Ugly Bug Ball”!

We had so much fun on our sports afternoon!

We are explorers!

We investigated lots of different areas of the world, but we really enjoyed trying on African masks and playing African music!

Fire Service Visit

We know how to use matches safely.
The siren on the fire engine was very loud!
We got a little bit wet when we used the hose!