Neatishead CofE Primary School

Design and Technology

Pupils will leave school having used their creativity and imagination to design and make products within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs and wants. They will have acquired a broad range of subject knowledge and drawn on disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art. Pupils will have learnt how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens. Through the evaluation of past and present design and technology, they will have developed an understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world. They will have learnt that design and technology makes an essential contribution to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of the nation. Pupils will have explored how we use things, how we can change things and how we create new things with a purpose. There is a clear plan for progression. Children will be supported to close any gaps in their learning. Where children show high ability, talent and interest, they will be challenged. Every effort will be made to identify and lift barriers to learning. The subject will be presented as one to enjoy.