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Growth Mindset

On their first day in Gatekeepers class, a Year 3 child asked, “What does this picture mean?” 

A child in Year 4, who was familiar with the poster replied “Well, let me give you an example.

It’s like when you write a really long sentence. You could put your head on the table and think

I can’t do this. That’s like a grey brain. If you think I can do this writing of a longer sentence.

It might just take some time and effort – that’s a rainbow brain.”

Soar on Wings Graffiti project in Mrs Church’s office

Summer Term Learning

How much do you know about Pentecost

Empathy Day

Red Skippers and Gatekeepers school trip to St Stephen’s Church and The Forum in Norwich

Gatekeepers trip to Norwich Castle Museum

We had a fun day out at the Museum learning all about our Topic this term, The Romans, as well as lots of other interesting Topics too.

Experience Easter

A fantastic way to help us understand the Easter story.

The Colours we Share

We read the book The colours we share by Angelica Dass and created our own self portraits. We learned how to mix paint to create our own skin tones using the three primary colours and black and white.

Experience Christmas

We had a brilliant visit to St Peters and were fascinated to learn more about why Christmas is such an important celebration to Christians. We enjoyed reflecting about the types of gift we would take to Jesus.

We had a fabulous school trip to Hunters Yard in Ludham with Red Skippers class. We all decided that we enjoyed being on or near the water as much as Toad, Ratty and Mole. We saw lots of wildlife but we were glad we didn’t bump into any weasels or stoats!

We have had a marvellous half-term in Gatekeepers. Look at some of the exciting opportunities and learning experiences we’ve had. We enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow and develop into beautiful painted lady butterflies. We hope they find a nice new home in the village!

After a long period of home learning, we have all enjoyed returning to school and seeing each other face to face again. We are extremely proud of how positive the children are. It has been delightful to see them engage with their learning and observe them laughing and chattering together at playtimes.

Here are some photographs of our home learning. Gatekeepers class have produced some fantastic work related to our Hunter-gatherers topic. There is so much amazing home learning going on and we really appreciate the children’s (and parent/carers!) efforts.  Every day we have a morning and an afternoon Zoom teaching session and then we use Tapestry to link to follow-up activities. Well done – we are so proud of you!

Autumn Term: Dinosaur Detectives

We have had an amazing term as detectives finding out about Dinosaurs to help us learn about life in prehistoric times. After learning about how to keep ourselves safe online we used the internet for scientific research and imagined what it would be like to be a paleontologist. We also found out about different types of rock and different types of fossils. We looked at a paleontologists toolbelt and were fascinated by the range of tools they use. As artists, we have used our knowledge to draw, paint and collage dinosaurs and create Jurassic scenes. We used our growth mindset skills to make origami dinosaurs!